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Get things done without drowning in back-and-forth messages, chasing updates, or convincing the team to check other tools.

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Get things done. The easy way.

Quickly clarify tasks and owners

Get clear on what needs to be done and who is doing what without drowning in back-and-forth messages on Slack. Create collaborative lists with Yama and make sure everyone is aligned on tasks and owners.

Get the details, without the clutter

Quickly get a clear picture of the current status of work without the hassles of constant check-ins, chasing updates, or digging through dozens of conversations.

Easy for anyone to contribute

No need to learn any new tools or interfaces. If you know how to use Slack, you know how to use Yama. Anyone on the team can create, assign, and track tasks — all without leaving Slack.

Effortless visibility for the team

Let the team stay informed without bouncing between external tools or clicking yet another link. Yama makes it painless for everyone to stay in the loop on progress.

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